Fall is here? Already?

Where did the year go?

I have to laugh when I read my last entry… that this year, I would be updating my blog more often!  (good intentions!)

However, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs (especially stitching and book review blogs!), so I am going to try to pick this one up again.  I find blogs to be more interesting to read than the quick entries on facebook or instagram.

We had a very long winter here, but Spring was lovely.  This summer I was able to start a perennial garden with the help of my English-born friend, Jill.  She is an amazing gardener!  I had bronchitis the day she came to help and after I picked up a (small : (  rock and started coughing, she made me sit in a chair and watch her work (sigh.  Not fun!)  However we still had fun and I am very grateful to her because she gave my garden a wonderful headstart.  Here are some photos:


We had a lovely summer with enough rain in our area, and only a couple of short-lived heat waves.  Here is my hydrangea bush in bloom:


We took a couple camping trips and trips to the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown:



My husband started a home renovation project, replacing windows, doors, and insulating, with the help of our boys:



and he installed a pool in our backyard for us to enjoy on hot summer days!


And my grand-daughter comes to see us every now and then:


We had some picnics, and enjoyed our summer!picnic

I still found time to do some stitching, and will get my photos up in my next post of some of my stitchy-projects.

So now we are up to Fall!  this cool weather makes me want to huddle inside with a hot drink and do lots and lots of needlework.  I have so many things I want to stitch!  And needlework designers are always coming out with more and more lovely samplers and projects for us stitchers.  We are so fortunate to live in a time when stitching materials are so varied and we have so many choices of linens and threads to stitch with.

My next post will be part 2 of a recap of the year, with some stitchy photos thrown in.  Until next time,

happy stitching!


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January Stitching

I am determined to update my stitching blog a lot more this year!  I am really loving Mary Ann Hutton, a Scarlet Letter sampler.  I have made quite a lot of progress.  The Lakeside Buttercream linen is a dream to stitch on!  here is where I left off:


winter has really set in in our area!  it has been very cold and snowy!  but the week after Christmas we had a couple of backyard visitors:


backyarddeerI am coming along slowly on Jenny Bean, the Scarlet Letter stitch-a-long on facebook.  The linen I chose is a great color but for some reason I am finding it hard to stitch on.  It’s a Zweigart linen and usually that is one of my linens of choice, so am not sure if it’s the color that is the challenge (since it’s darker than I am used to).  However this weekend we have a three-day weekend with Martin Luther King day as a holiday, so I am hoping to put in plenty of stitching time and make some more progress!

There are so many Scarlet Letter samplers I want to stitch!


I hope you are getting through winter by keeping warm and having a fun project to work on!

happy stitching,


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Happy New Year!

new year

And I am almost a week late in wishing everyone a happy 2015!  I hope this year to keep up better with this blog!

We are having a week of cold winter weather and snow.  Good stitching weather!

I started Jenny Bean, as a stitch-along (SAL) on the Scarlet Letter facebook stitching group.  Here is where I am right now.  I didn’t want to stitch on black linen; I knew I just wasn’t ready for that yet.

JennyBeanThe dark cobblestone belfast I am using is enough of a challenge for me!  I loved the way the dmc floss looked on this color though.JennyB1

I also wanted to stitch something Christmassy from the Scarlet Letter charts so I picked Mary Ann Hutton.  This is going so well for me.  I am doing it on Lakeside Buttercream (32 ct) linen and I love the feel and ease of stitching on this cadillac of linens!

MaryAnnHutton All in all, it’s been a good stitching time for me!  The Christmas/New Year’s holiday season is a nice ‘down’ time to set aside the normal schedules and kick back with a hot drink and some new project.

I also won a Kelmscott giveaway from the facebook group and was so thrilled to win this cute package.  Paula was so generous.  It is (believe it or not), my very first needle minder so I am thrilled with this strawberry one.


So that is my stitching update for this week!  I hope you are keeping warm and enjoying some new project this winter!

Happy Stitching,


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Merry Christmas!



It has been months since I have posted on this needlework blog!

Finished several pieces in 2014 (and some I have yet to finish!) I won’t post them all right now but here are a few…  It was a great year!





I won the Kelmscott giveaway on Facebook. Here is a photo. So timely for Christmas! I have never had a needleminder before so this was a treat, and love the little red scissors!


Hoping to make lots of stitching progress in 2015! I joined the Jenny Bean Scarlet Letter SAl on facebook.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Back from Kentucky

Wow it has been a looooong time since I have posted here!

we went to Kentucky for a week’s vacation. Toured lots of museums! Kentucky loves quilts : ) we saw several quilt motifs on barns in the area where we stayed.

We saw the cabin where Abraham Lincoln’s parents were married. I was interested to see his mother was an accomplished needleworker!

It is amazing to consider how the women in pioneer times adapted and created with very limited materials to work with! here is one of the very first looms brought to Kentucky:

I hope this summer you will find some time to relax and pursue a craft that you especially find joy in!
happy stitching,

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Spring Fever

I have Spring fever! Stitching up a storm!

I am so enjoying stitching on these Scarlett Letter samplers. Frances Marshall is a lot of fun to stitch with such a variety of colors and the tree! wow!

Couldn’t resist starting the IAMEK sampler I won from a Scarlett letter drawing, on the Scarlett Letter stitching blog! I love the colors in this one also.

and, just had to begin Sary Burditt!

SO, as you can see, I have Spring Fever. Lots of new starts! And there is an Easter sale going on now at the Scarlett Letter website when you look in the gallery on the blog for the bunny discount……….

(so maybe this summer instead of weeding the garden, I will bring my stitching outside and watch everyone else weed.)

The girls have a new calf each:

I am going to have to join in the fun and stitch a sampler that has a calf on it!

happy stitching,

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Snow and Stitching

Sarah Limah is coming along….slow but sure! This is the biggest sampler I’ve done yet!


and, its no news that we have snow:


The kids are enjoying the backyard skating rink they were able to have this year.  Some years it is too warm (believe it or not!) to keep the rink ongoing….this year it has been no problem at all!  : )


I am enjoying Frances Marshall (Scarlett Letter) on these cold snowy days! In between stitching Sarah Limah, Frances has a nice range of color and looks great on the linen sent with the kit:


Everyone is talking about how long the winter has been this year. But, it’s MARCH! St. Patrick’s day (and corned beef and cabbage and red potatoes and CARROTS! yum!) is just around the corner….and Spring right behind that!  These winter days can’t last forever….
hope you are finding some warmth, enjoying hot drinks and maybe a good book and something fun to work on…stitching, sewing, crafting….until Spring arrives.

Happy Stitching,

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