Spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

Well here we are… I guess I win the poky blogger of the year award! Valentine’s Day is long gone, and yesterday was St. Patrick’s day, so a belated ‘top of the morning’ to you!  Winter is about over here, although mixed snow and rain is on the forecast for our area this weekend.

We had an unnaturally warm winter for a good deal of it, and snow showing up in mid to late January.  Very unusual for us!  my kids missed the snow but most adults I talked to were enjoying the warmer temperatures.

I am still stitching but not as often, as I decided to teach myself to knit!  I see so many wonderful things on knitting blogs that folks are making.   I was very lucky growing up.  A kind neighbor taught me knitting, and between my memory and the hints also from the kind check-out lady at our local JoAnn Fabrics store, I was ready to go!  I am making a scarf.  I can’t believe the availability of wonderful yarns out there!

For now I am just doing a catch-up post, but hope to show more photos in my next post (and post more often!)

In the meantime, here are some photos of some of the latch hook rugs my kids have made.  Every morning we did school I would read to them at the start of our day and they would get out a project.  Some of these rugs I am showing were done by my kids that have now graduated college  already!  my how the years fly by.





I am finding the days are flying by… it almost seems like yesterday that it was New Year’s!  I hope that you are finding time to enjoy the seasons before they are over.

Like everyone else, I am amazed at the creativity and variety of the new projects that came out recently from the Nashville show!  I love stitching and have a project I completed to show also, that I made into a pillow for a birthday gift for a friend.  Blackbird Designs are awesome!  Here is Octopus Garden from the Magical Mystery Tour stitched on Pearl Grey Belfast (and some colors I changed to suit my preference; mainly the octopus):


(I took the picture with my phone so it’s not the best photo).

happy stitching,


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