Fall is here? Already?

Where did the year go?

I have to laugh when I read my last entry… that this year, I would be updating my blog more often!  (good intentions!)

However, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs (especially stitching and book review blogs!), so I am going to try to pick this one up again.  I find blogs to be more interesting to read than the quick entries on facebook or instagram.

We had a very long winter here, but Spring was lovely.  This summer I was able to start a perennial garden with the help of my English-born friend, Jill.  She is an amazing gardener!  I had bronchitis the day she came to help and after I picked up a (small : (  rock and started coughing, she made me sit in a chair and watch her work (sigh.  Not fun!)  However we still had fun and I am very grateful to her because she gave my garden a wonderful headstart.  Here are some photos:


We had a lovely summer with enough rain in our area, and only a couple of short-lived heat waves.  Here is my hydrangea bush in bloom:


We took a couple camping trips and trips to the Farmer’s Museum in Cooperstown:



My husband started a home renovation project, replacing windows, doors, and insulating, with the help of our boys:



and he installed a pool in our backyard for us to enjoy on hot summer days!


And my grand-daughter comes to see us every now and then:


We had some picnics, and enjoyed our summer!picnic

I still found time to do some stitching, and will get my photos up in my next post of some of my stitchy-projects.

So now we are up to Fall!  this cool weather makes me want to huddle inside with a hot drink and do lots and lots of needlework.  I have so many things I want to stitch!  And needlework designers are always coming out with more and more lovely samplers and projects for us stitchers.  We are so fortunate to live in a time when stitching materials are so varied and we have so many choices of linens and threads to stitch with.

My next post will be part 2 of a recap of the year, with some stitchy photos thrown in.  Until next time,

happy stitching!



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