January Stitching

I am determined to update my stitching blog a lot more this year!  I am really loving Mary Ann Hutton, a Scarlet Letter sampler.  I have made quite a lot of progress.  The Lakeside Buttercream linen is a dream to stitch on!  here is where I left off:


winter has really set in in our area!  it has been very cold and snowy!  but the week after Christmas we had a couple of backyard visitors:


backyarddeerI am coming along slowly on Jenny Bean, the Scarlet Letter stitch-a-long on facebook.  The linen I chose is a great color but for some reason I am finding it hard to stitch on.  It’s a Zweigart linen and usually that is one of my linens of choice, so am not sure if it’s the color that is the challenge (since it’s darker than I am used to).  However this weekend we have a three-day weekend with Martin Luther King day as a holiday, so I am hoping to put in plenty of stitching time and make some more progress!

There are so many Scarlet Letter samplers I want to stitch!


I hope you are getting through winter by keeping warm and having a fun project to work on!

happy stitching,



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