Keep Calm?

We are into wedding season! yay!

for the VERY first time, we have a daughter that is GETTING MARRIED! Wow!  This is a milestone in our family life!

Here she is (with two friends who are coming to the wedding! can’t wait! it will be a fun day).

(this photo was taken some time ago…her friends now not only have had their own WEDDINGs, but also their NEW little BABYs! (I bet it will be a while before they have energy to jump like this again…)

But for now, we have lots to do. Lots, and lots, and lots.  Work before pleasure!  Baking (for bridal tea). Cleaning (for same). Shopping (for odds and ends). Planning (almost done!)  Last minute things…

like, seating charts, for example (so that no relatives break out in fist-fights, for instance.)  Rehearsals.  Making sure shoes (and socks) match.  Stuff like that!

the main thing, when you have a daughter who is getting married, and you want her day to be special, and everything to go right, and nobody to be excluded or offended and the sun has to shine (and no one can trip going down the aisle and break an ankle again. like me), and all must be absolutely perfect (even though, it very often will not be.  Because, life is like that),




Maybe, I need to do some more stitching instead… my Elisabeth Raysor sampler is coming along!

and maybe I need a snack while I stitch.

and some good music!

Weddings, after all, are easy. RIGHT?

So, it’s wedding season once again, hurray!  flowers and white lace (or satin.  or tulle), and vows and songs and…happiness all around.


Enjoy the season.

Our very first wedding! (and if all the kids get married, we only have nine more to go! : )

Happy Stitching,


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