Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

This is my mom. She had thirteen children! I had a wonderful childhood and a nurturing mother!  Our summers were filled with walks to the library, to the creek to go swimming, picking flowers in meadows, and our dad taking us to the fair every summer (and rides on the ferris wheel!).   Winters we often went ice skating or sledding down hill, and all year-round, we ate lots and lots of home-baked cookies, planted lots of flower gardens, picked blackberries and enjoyed lots of blackberry pies, and home-made rolls with spagetti.

“He giveth us richly all things to enjoy”.   One of His greatest gifts to me has been my mother.  She taught us to work hard, to enjoy free time with lots of reading, and to go to church every week.

She scolded us when we needed it,  gave us sensible advice, and just….well, was THERE.  Any time we needed a listening ear, we knew Mom would be there.

Sometimes things didn’t turn out the way we wished… sometimes there were heartaches and grief and obstacles… but Mom always reassured us that we had a Father in heaven who cared and she taught us the importance of prayer and persevering in faith.

I hope this Mother’s day is one of happy memories for you. Maybe today is a day that you will have time to read a good book, or take a walk and enjoy some Spring weather, or work on a long-awaited project. Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy this day!

(maybe you will get a chance to stitch something! or plant some flowers!)

Happy Stitching,



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