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I just finished this book:

Villa TristeVilla Triste by Lucretia Grindle

I enjoyed this book and the interaction between the main characters (sisters Catherine and Isabella). Maybe because I have sisters of my own and understand how sibling loyalty can affect the choices we make, and the consequences of those choices.

This novel is about the partisans in Italy during WW2.  Their courage and bravery in the midst of such hard times and swift (and violent) reprisals is awe-inspiring (even though their motives, depending on the character, may be questionable).

“Villa Triste” really piqued my interest in literature set during WW2!   This book was pretty creative in both characterization and the ending.  There were one or two scenes that I didn’t think necessary to include but (a real plus for me), nothing too graphic or lingering, and the reader was able to move on quickly (I don’t want to read something that will turn my stomach! I want to enjoy my reading!)

The author definitely did her homework, and this novel was visibly well researched (another plus… when the reader is in the middle of a book and comes across obvious errors, it not only is annoying but takes away from the authenticity of the story.)

The story was believable as Lucretia Grindle spun her tale around the setting and hardships of the war that all contributed to the choices made in the book, choices that those of us living today in comparative affluence would not make (please remember, I am speaking comparatively to war time  Europe!)

I also really like it when a book educates me in an area that I haven’t known much about previously, or thought much about.

Going now to order more books from the library!  Stitching, tea, reading, stitching, more tea, more reading…. (more pictures coming soon,to catch you up on how my needlework is coming along!)

I am enjoying reading!  (An ankle fracture has its perks!)    : )
happy stitching,


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