Blogging for Dummies

So… I am a mom.  I can cook.  I can read!  I can sew.  I even go out in public!


I can even type in cursive.

(here is a picture of my mom.  Isn’t she lovely?)

However, there is one thing I am finding a challenge for this over fifty gal….and that is, this internet blogging thing.

WordPress has made it pretty easy.  When I decided to do this Scarlet Letter sampler stitch-a-long thing, I found it a whole. new. story.

First, I had to sign into google.  Easy, right? just follow the steps.  But, YOU MEAN I HAVE TO GIVE MY BIRTHDATE?  THAT gave me reason to pause.  But, I finally decided that if so many million other folks out there can do it, so can I.

Next thing though, for some reason I got this statement saying there is a problem with my name.  HELLO?  WHAT’S WRONG with my NAME?  (it must be too short or something).

So, I went ahead and filled out the steps, got my son involved to help me put that logo on my widget thingy, (well, I already KNEW how …but for some reason it didn’t WORK this time).

(proof I have a son.  See?)

(Umm. That is Kevin. He is eating a cupcake. I will show you a picture of the other son…the one who helped me with my blog. I just thought that picture was cute (even though outdated.)

so here is Michael (and he isn’t helping me in this picture. But, he is just ABOUT to. And he is NOT eating a cupcake!)

Michael is figuring out how to use his new iphone or whatever that thing is.  (I KNOW he’s not smiling. He is thinking, “oh great. Here comes Mom again with more computer questions!”)

So after ALL that, (and a few emails back and forth with Joanne, the editor of the Scarlet Letter stitch along blog), I decided that, either  a. I needed a cupcake, or  b.  I needed to stitch something.

(I will not include the part about c. needing a psychiatrist). Because…. WHAT AM I DOING, thinking I can join a STITCH-A-LONG? and, joining google blogger. And, posting (very visible) entries and ALL THAT STUFF???

The Happy Stitcher,

Theresa  PS ultimately I decided to a.  have two oreo cookies  and,  b. stitch.  : )  Happy Stitching!  (remember.  If I can do a stitch-a-long (and blog.  and navigate computer-bloggy-stuff….  ANYONE can!    : )


About Theresa

I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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