Needlework Quotations

“She spread out the sampler and looked at it, laughing at the rows of stiff little potted trees hung with golden fruit, that were a child’s conception of the sheltered fairy-tale garden of childhood, and at the border of the stars of Paradise whose points it had been so difficult to get clear and plain, and that “Au nom de Dieu soit,” worked in crooked scarlet cross-stitch, without which no Island peasant began a new piece of work.

Then she stopped smiling and wrapped up the sampler in its silver paper again…and then she put the sampler and William’s two gifts into a cedarwood box of her mother’s that she had meant to give to Charlotte, and stowed it away at the back of a dark cupboard beside the fireplace. This solution of her problem was a poor one, she realized, in fact it was no solution at all, but she did not want to destroy her treasures and she could not think what else to do.”

– from “Green Dolphin Street” by Elisabeth Goudge


About Theresa

I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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