5 Things you need when you are sick

Everyone here has (had) the flu this week….a WHOLE week (actually it’s been ten days!)

I decided there are some things in life that are necessary to your well-being and I shall list them here:

1.  A good book to read.  Doesn’t have to be the latest bestseller (I mostly ignore those) but something that holds your interest and takes your mind off the achiness, sore and dry throat (so dry that when you wake up in the middle of the night you HAVE to crawl out of bed, make your way to the nearest sink without collapsing and pour yourself a cool glass of water) now WHERE was I oh yeah (and the pounding head that feels as if six bombs are going off at once),

books….  I love to read.  When hubby comes upstairs I am often already comfortably (unless, I’m sick.  and feeling like I am about to die at any minute and I really SHOULD update my will in case anyone wants anything of mine which, there isn’t much of value so maybe I’ll just forget it for now) ensconced in bed with several of my favorite authors (which I shall not take the time to list here for now being that there are more important things to talk about…like how I feel.) piled next to me, my journal, box of kleenex and cough drops scattered over the bed, and so THEN I give my husband a very innocent look while quickly moving all my STUFF to MY side of the bed (or the end table.  or the floor) but I somehow get the feeling he isn’t fooled.

is it time for the next item on the list?

2. A laptop.  To look up needlework blogs.  When you are ill there is a GOOD excuse for not stitching all those wonderfully ornate and HUGE samplers that everyone else seems to finish within three or four days and so you can comfortably get inspired (and covet) while assuring yourself that when you are all better you too will have EVERY inch of wall space covered by your clever and professionally-stitched creations/reproductions.

3.  TEA.  Pots and pots of it.  ’nuff said.  Chicken soup? doesn’t work for me…just tea, and sometimes toast to dunk in it.

4.  A sympathetic soul who NEVER gets tired of listening to how HARD your life is and how NO ONE notices how sick you are/ill you feel/that you are just about on your deathbed, and therefore SOMEBODY should buy you SOMETHING to make you feel better (flowers.  Chocolate.  A little white dog).  But SINCE no one notices how SICK you are (mostly because, they are sick too.  Better luck next time! maybe next time YOU will be the only one that’s sick and SOMEONE will notice and feel sorry for you.) the likelihood of meeting/coming across such an empathetic individual is not high…i.e. it won’t happen to you (most probably not in this lifetime.)

5.  Jane Austen dvd’s to watch…or BBC television.  Now, these DO work to make you somewhat relieved and inspired and content that you live in the time period that you do (can you imagine trying to stuff yourself into a corset and actually wearing the thing all day? no wonder they had ‘vapors’.) plus they have the tendency to make you feel ‘cultured’ while ignoring the piles of dirty dishes waiting in the kitchen for better days ahead….

May you NOT get the flu this season.  May you have EONS of time to stitch! and, if you DO get the flu may you have the good fortune to possess the five necessary items listed above.

I DID make progress on Hannah Beeby and shall post a picture of said progress soon! (when I am not too weak to hold a camera…in case anyone (anyone at ALL? out there?) is feeling sympathetic.)

Happy Stitching!



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I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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