My Learning Hands

I have made a lot of progress on this sampler, by Examplar Dames. It’s done in Vikki Clayton’s silks (Hand-dyed fibers).

It’s been a lot of fun doing this one!

I love all of Vilma’s samplers and am slowly collecting them, hoping to make an Examplar Dames wall in my home!

And here is a picture of Jennifer (the oldest) with her brother Stephen. This was actually taken on Christmas morning! Don’t they look content     🙂

Happy Stitching,



About Theresa

I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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2 Responses to My Learning Hands

  1. Brenda says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS stitching! Keep up the great work and it will be finished before you know it!

    And how nice to see your kids’ pic there as well!

  2. Kay Lynn says:

    Teresa. I have stitched both Forgiveness and True Wisdom and Love by Examplar Dames. I too love her samplers! I have not framed mine yet, but will soon! A wall of her samplers would be wonderful! What is the name of the one you’re stitching right now? Beautiful stitching!

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