Summer Days


We’ve been camping up in the Adirondacks. Isn’t this a beautiful view! It is so pretty up in the mountains and with so many lakes every where you go!

The kids have enjoyed feeding the ducks with crumbs from their hamburger rolls.

I’ve been busy stitching and making lots of progress. In between we’ve been getting summer cleaning done on the house. It feels good to have the time to get some things done.

Here is the Carraige House samplings Swan piece I’m almost finished with, done in Vikki Clayton silks on her linen:


This is done on the 35 ct. linen that Vikki used to have in stock, but is being replaced with 40 ct. I am not sure I want to try the 40 ct yet, it’s a bit intimidating to me! But I do have a magnifier on my lamp so maybe I’ll give it a whirl.

I do have more  updates and just need to get busy with the camera! Until then,

Happy Stitching,



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I live in an old farmhouse in upstate New York (no, *not* the big city!) in the country with my family, two dogs, two calves, and two horses. I love to cross stitch, quilt, read, and look at needlework blogs :) and I love coffee *and* tea!
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